Polar Tubing

Polar Tubing 2.2

In this game you have to win medals by collecting stars and treasure chests! (See all)

Polar Tubing is an excellent arcade game from the well-known Polar game Series. If you ever play any of such games you will immediately recognize your favorite characters, like the Polar Bear, Penguin and Walrus.
This time the polar gang is organizing racing tournaments all across four stunning scenarios: Iceland, the Amazon, Río Grande (Brazil I guess) and...Vesuvius! (Yes! it's not just water anyway!), and each one of them offers a lot of races that you have to win to unlock the next one. On the long way, you need to collect some items and power-ups in order to sum up points and gain the precious medals. With them you can unlock new game modes.
On the contest mode, don't let be sunk by your competitors, and don't get caught by the whirlpools!
However, you must be advised: after a few playings you will notice that you can't play anymore... yes, you need to pay for it. That's right: as any free download from WildGames, you have just a couple of free "sessions" to play, so you must not close the program window if you want to keep it free...

Review summary


  • Very cool characters, superb gameplay


  • Just play a couple of times
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